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Do you want your audience to have a great day? Do you want to add some flavor to your upcoming event with a high quality and entertaining presentation that matches the theme of the day?

A show that guarantees to amaze your audience and make them laugh their socks off? A show that creates insightful eye-openers?

With a presentation by illusionist and public speaker Jochem Nooyen you are sure to make a lasting impression on your audience. His shows are interactive, energizing, and most of all magically amazing.

Jochem is specialized in themes like 'Privacy‘, ‘Influence' and 'Coping with Change' and he will create a dazzling show that will perfectly suit your audience.

About Jochem Nooyen

Jochem Nooyen (1980) has always been curious about how people and things work. He devoures books about the brain, but is also knee-deep into all kinds of techy gadgets and devices, preferably with as much buttons and knobs as possible. He likes to get to the bottom of things and in his awe-inspiring interactive shows he takes you to his wonderful world of magic, stories and insights about every aspect of the human being. He does this with an optimistic, open and tasteful style, that is bound to leave your audience wanting more.

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Presentations / Lectures

"I think it is imperative that all presentations are custom-tailored to match the content or theme of the day and to resonate with your audience. I've toured with theatreshows about 'Privacy' and 'Influence' which are some of the subjects that I am very passionate about. In my shows I often also talk about the various processes around 'Change and transformation'."

Privacy / Infosecurity

How safe are your thoughts? Everything we do online can be followed and traced, but your thoughts are safe… or are they?! In this show, Privacy is just an illusion.
After this lecture:
  • - Your audience will be amazed
  • - They will have had fun and have been part of the show
  • - They will have gained important insights on how important Privacy is for people
  • - It will have become evident that Privacy is far more than just rules and regulations
  • - We will realize that people themselves are often the weakest link in the chain of information security
  • €€€ indication
  • Live and online capabilities

The paradigm shift show

Change your perspective and the world changes along with you. Participants learn how to get a different perspective on coping with changes. We achieve this through humor and amazement.
After this lecture:
  • - Your audience will be amazed
  • - They will have had fun and have been part of the show
  • - They will be able to look at changes differently
  • - They will have gained insight into the different stages of change and resilience
  • This show is also touring in theatres as "De Breinjongleur"
  • €€ indication
  • Live and online capabilities

Integrity show

The vision of integrity through the eyes of an illusionist provides a fresh look on this topic. It playfully makes your audience aware of how important integrity within your organization really is.
After this lecture:
  • - Your audience will be amazed
  • - They will have had fun and have been part of the show
  • - They will deal with integrity issues more conciously
  • - They will have learned how to discover fake news
  • - They will have learned that data leakage can happen to anyone, and how to deal with it or even how to prevent it
  • €€ indication
  • Live and online capabilities

Illusion show

A one-man show by mind illusionist Jochem Nooyen, full of stories, interaction and fun. This show can be flexibly adapted to any theme of your choosing.
After this lecture:
  • - Your audience will be amazed
  • - They will have had fun and have been part of the show
  • - They leave the venue or online session in awe and inspired
  • Adaptable to any theme
  • Provides fun and connection
  • Makes you think
  • € indication
  • Live and online capabilities



    Creative integration of your message or story in the show.


    The shows are always layered, both in terms of content and entertainment.


    Shows are timed very punctual but Jochem is also able to adjust the performance on the spot, if so desired, to get your tightly planned schedule back on track


    The show gets your audience (back) at the edge of their seats and always provides participants with fresh new insights to take home


    A professional team ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes


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    Why wonder refreshes the brain

    I have often experienced myself that wonder gives us a fresh new perspective on things. It puts you on the edge of your seat, you want to know the details of something, you take action. It moves you to further investigation. Professor Ab Dijksterhuis writes about wonder in his book 'Who (does not) travel(s) is crazy':

    “As a child, we are constantly amazed, but as we get older, this most passionate of all emotions is covered by an increasingly thick layer of dust. If you are not careful, she will be used only once or twice a year, just like grandma's tableware. That is unfortunate. Not only is it wonderful to be amazed, but amazement also leads to psychological growth. It forces our minds to adapt, to rearrange our frame of reference. Wonder keeps our mind supple, and shakes up the pads of our brain. ”

    The anatomy of wonder: 1 Terror, 2 Surprise, 3 Elation.
    That elation is your mind showing gratitude. You have given your mind mental stretching exercises by providing it with a new experience.

    A brain that glows in wonder urges man to different virtues. As Einstein taught us, wonder is the source of creativity and inspiration ”.

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    "The one who can no longer wonder and be carried away by awe is as good as dead, a candle blown out"

    Albert Einstein

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