Mieke and Jochem getting married

Tomorrow is her birthday, I call her father and go by to ask something important. I hardly sleep, it's her birthday, I give a vacuum cleaner and go on my knees with a rose…
and she says:

Hip hip and hooray. I get a vacuum cleaner.
Then he nervously directs the children on the bed next to me. I read, aloud sweet words on a card that end with: "I want to ask you something..."
Him on his knee. With tears. And a rose. Me too tears. Two amazed children. Everything is right.
I say:


We want to celebrate love with you.
We do this in Rijsbergen and are building our own mini-festival including camping.
(a festival campsite looks a bit like a normal campsite, but without all the facilities 😉 )

If you want a place at the campsite, please fill in the form below.

    This website will be updated every year with new information