Illusion shows the Netherlands 2020

In the illusion show Privacy, brain juggler and actor Jochem Nooyen amazes his audience with miraculous illusions. He reads minds and seemingly effortlessly finds out what you thought you could hide. Can he keep his own secrets? Is privacy an illusion?

Santa knows your desires, Facebook knows when you are going to break your relationship and some supermarkets know that you are pregnant before you were able to tell anyone. "If you want something to be kept a secret, you'd better not use the internet at all," said former Google CEO Eric Schmidt.

Everything you do online can be traced, but your thoughts are safe. However? In Privacy mind-illusionist Jochem uses humor and magic to find out if this is correct.

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Illusion show Netherlands 2020

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A fantastic show, theater performance and a lecture in one! A performance that shows you all corners of privacy. Which makes you think by marveling at things that are impossible. The acts and revelations are mind blowing and at the end of the evening you “know” the whole hall. Jochem is an amazing actor, but above all a very nice guy ...

We enjoyed the performance at Het Werftheater in Utrecht. We left the room in disbelief about how he did it. We talked about the tricks for a long time, but also about our privacy. Very interesting combination. keep it up Jochem!

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