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Change and transformation

We all want change, but who wants to change?

Illusion acts, storytelling, interaction

This lecture on change and transformation is full of theatrical stories about change. It allows the participants to choose a different perspective within the process.

The presentation refreshes, amazes and provides new insights. Change often involves resistance. Jochem lets you experience what happens when you adjust your story. Because how you deal with the changes can be influenced. As a theatre maker, Jochem tells you how different a story is experienced when you change small details. Playful insight into this theory is provided with humor, stories and interactive experiments.


As a lobster grows it becomes uncomfortable in its shell. A lobster is a soft animal in a hard shell… that shell does not grow with it. It pinches and starts to hurt him. Until he can no longer keep it up. What the lobster does next is something great.

It crawls under a rock, a place where it is safe. A safe place is necessary. And when the animal is sure that it is safe, only then does it take off it's shell. It's now a naked lobster, a fragile creature… that can be eaten as well as being laughed at.

Now he is making a new shell to protect himself. A shell that suits him better. In which he can grow for a while. He changes, because he has become uncomfortable in his old situation. 

If we humans are uncomfortable, we take a pain reliever ... Then we think of ways we don't have to feel the pain ... Then we try to ignore it and hope that it can be the way it used to be ... then everything was fine, right? ! If there is no need, if you fight the pain and numb yourself ... are you then growing? 

This wonderful story about change in the animal kingdom comes from Rabbi Dr. Abraham Twerski.

Dealing with change and crisis

Change your perspective and the world changes with you. 

If you choose to change, to innovate, you put your shoulders underneath a project and go for it. If, on the other hand, the change is imposed, the subtext is often that it was not right as it was beforehand. At least, that's how the command to change is often interpreted. Then someone else tells you to change and you quickly end up in the victim role.
Which position or perspective do you choose? Because you have control over that. 

In the lecture 'change and transformation' illusionist Jochem Nooyen makes it tangible and 'experienceable' what it is like to choose a different perspective. Often you can easily see the solution once you look at it from a different perspective.

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This inspiring presentation about change and transformation can be given in Dutch and English. The presentation is a mix between a mind illusion show and an inspiring lecture on change.

  • Minimum stage requirements are 3 × 4 meter
  • maximum number of spectators in theater set-up is 2000 (from 250 people live video is recommended)
  • Maximum playing time 60 minutes
  • A beamer and sound system must be available. Can also be supplied by us
  • A build-up time of 60 minutes is required, which can also be done in a separate room or backstage.


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