M!nd illusion show

A one-man show by mind-illusionist Jochem Nooyen, full of stories, interaction and humor. Wondrous mind illusions and interactive experiments with the entire audience provide fun and wonder in the magical show 'The Brain Juggler '.

Do you make free choices? Can Jochem read your mind? And how can you swear that you are touched by him, while he is completely elsewhere on stage. Where is the line between science and illusion?

Our brain is busy every second to change uncertainties into certainties. Experience in this show what it is like to not know something and still be very happy!

What you see is not reality, but a version of reality as your mind presents it to you.

Jochem lets you experience how this works in your brain in the mind illusion show.

Your choices are influenced by him, your thoughts are read by him and he gives you inexplicable feelings.

Do you want to make it clear that sometimes you have to look beyond the known terrain? Often a situation is quickly estimated without chacking the facts. In this presentation, Jochem allows the participants to experience that more is possible than initially thought. And that, if you look further, something may be different from what you thought it was at first glance. That the impossible is possible.


In consultation we can adjust the content of the show so that it fits well with the theme of the day.

This show is easily adaptable to themes such as 'Nothing is what it seems', 'Trust your intuition', 'Wonder', 'Focus and attention', and 'Creative thinking'.

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Show info

This presentation can be given in Dutch and in English.

  • Minimum stage requirements are 3 × 4 meter
  • maximum number of spectators in theater style is 1200 (from 250 people live video is recommended)
  • Maximum playing time 60 minutes
  • A beamer and sound system must be available. Can also be supplied by us
  • A build-up time of 60 minutes is required, which can also be done in a separate room or backstage.

"Now I will have to change my PIN" - Rob Bertholee CEO AIVD- Dutch intelligence agency

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