Online illusionist and speaker

What makes Jochem unique as an online speaker is his disarming stage presence. But also his combination of illusionism, cabaret and educational content. He really connects with the viewers. Has a backpack full of interactive illusion acts that turns the viewers behind their laptops into participants of the show. The experiments activate the viewers and ensure that the webinar becomes a true and unique experience.

  • Interactive experiments for all participants
  • refreshing presentation of the event
  • Puts participants on the edge of their (desk) chairs

The result of Jochem's contribution is that participants enjoyed 'participating' in the online event. His presentation makes people think and thereby activates the participants. The shows are wonderful and funny and the presentation is refreshing.

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A preview

In 3 simple steps to a great online event


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We discuss the substantive side and see which acts best suit your event.


Together we make it a top show with a long lasting impression.

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Watch the video:

Online event, webinar or webcast?


A webinar is a 'one to many' format, in which the speaker shows his presentation from a studio and thus reaches his audience.

I provide webinars from my greenscreen home studio with a multiple professional camera setup, pro theatre lights and sound.

A webinar can also be given from a professional studio, with professional camera operators. This increases the quality, but of course the price also goes up.


A webcast is a 'few to many' format, in which the speaker shows his presentation from a studio or office to a small live audience but, the vast majority of the audience watches online. it's much like a a small TV broadcast.

A webcast can be set up on location in an office space, for example, but it gets better from a TV studio.

The nice thing is that I can do acts with colleagues who are present in the office/studio, as with participants at home behind their screens.

Tips when organizing an online event.

Are you organizing an online event any time soon? Organizing an online event is slightly different from a physical event. It starts with the location, this choice is also very important for an online event. The question you can ask yourself is how do you want the spectators to experience the online event? Should they look passively at a laptop screen? Where they can watch speakers taking turns talking? Or do you want the viewers to really become participants? To have them join in with the experience. Involved in the event?
Read our blog with 6 tips and ideas for online events.


If the speakers, the band, the illusionist and so on are performing in a well-facilitated studio, the experience immediately stept up it's game. There are also possibilities to place participants in a virtual studio. So that they can also see each other 'sitting' as avatars in the virtual gallery.

Make it visual

A picture says more than a thousand words, and it is during a web show that people have become accustomed to 'talking heads'. But if you can make the message clear with something visual, you involve a different part of the brain.

I can provide a session of 45 minutes or act as a show host in which I activate the viewers between the speakers and videos and let them participate.

Watch the online teaser video

How to choose a speaker for an online event.

The choice of the speaker or the chairman of the day is also of great importance at an online event, the speaker must be able to do a number of things really well. Of course, camera experience is required. Presenting and storytelling in front of a camera requires very different skills then presenting for an audience in a theater. The second criterion that the host or speaker must meet is to stimulate and activate the viewers behind their laptop.

It is important not to forget that the viewer is close to their e-mail and whatsapp messages. So the event has to compete with these distractions. If you actively involve people and thus create a shared experience. Then you create something unique for this specific group of people, even if they are all located elsewhere.


Speaker Jochem Nooyen has ready-made presentations on 'privacy','Integrity' And 'Changes'. In addition, his Mind illusion show flexible use. This show ties in nicely with themes such as 'Nothing is what it seems', 'Looking differently' and 'Creative thinking processes'.


Privacy / security; How safe are your thoughts?

Nothing is what it seems

Change and Transformation

Zoom, Teams, Google Meet, Webex

From my own streaming studio I can perform on Teams, Google Meet / hangout, Zoom, Webex and Youtube.
I work with a professional camera, a green screen, a clip on microphone and theater spotlights.

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Who preceded you ...

Privacy / Infosecurity

How safe are your thoughts? Everything we do online can be followed and traced, but your thoughts are safe… or are they not?! In this show, Privacy is an illusion.
After this lecture:
  • - Participants are amazed
  • - They laughed and participated interactively
  • - Gained insight into how important Privacy is for human beings
  • - It has become clear that Privacy is more than laws and regulations
  • - The audience experiences that human beings are the weakest link in information security
  • €€€ indication
  • Live and online capabilities

The paradigm shift show

Change your perspective and the world changes along with you. Participants learn to get a different perspective on changes. They get there with humor and amazement.
After this lecture:
  • - Participants are amazed
  • - They laughed and participated interactively
  • - Can they look at changes differently?
  • - Have they gained insight into the different stages of change and resilience
  • To be seen in theaters as De Breinjongleur
  • €€ indication
  • Live and online capabilities

Integrity show

The vision of integrity through the eyes of an illusionist provides a fresh look on this theme. It makes aware, in a playful way, how important integrity within organizations really is.
After this lecture:
  • - Participants are amazed
  • - They laughed and participated interactively
  • - Have they thought about acting with integrity?
  • - Teaches how to discover fake news.
  • - If information leakage turns out to be human, and people learn how to prevent it
  • €€ indication
  • Live and online capabilities

Illusion show

A one-man show by mind illusionist Jochem Nooyen, full of stories, interaction and humor. Can be flexibly adapted to the theme of the day.
After this lecture:
  • - Participants are amazed
  • - They laughed and participated interactively
  • - They leave the room or online session in amazement and inspiration
  • - Adaptable to day theme
  • - Provides fun and connection
  • - Make you think
  • € indication
  • Live and online capabilities


Wonder refreshes, it wakes you up and lets you look at things around you with a new perspective and a fresh gaze. Jochem presents on various topics. But he always uses wonder as a tool to captivate and 'open' the audience. "My experience is that wonder opens people up and that it creates space for new ideas and thoughts. ”.

As a guest speaker, he is used to telling his story on a different stage every day, with a different audience and an adapted message. This experience ensures that you'll experience a relaxed speaker who knows what he is talking about and who can fascinate and move the audience at all times.


With good storytelling one creates tension, a cliffhanger, or you touch the audience on a emotional level. All presentations are full of stories. As a result, the presentation not only appeals to the 'thinking' but also the 'feeling' part of the brain. That makes the message last longer. As human beings we are 'hardwired' to tell stories, but also to actively listen to them, hoping to learn something from them. Jochem was trained as a theatermaker and graduated in 2007 at the Academy of Theatre in Tilburg, The Netherlands. 


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