Jochem Nooyen is a Dutch illusionist and theater maker. He specializes in illusions that are about man himself. How can we deduce, how can we be influenced and what magical connections can people enter into with each other?

Jochem Nooyen performs as an illusionist in theaters throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. But is also one much in demand speaker for conferences and seminars. Topics Jochem has a lot of affinity with include 'Change and transformation‘, ‘Influence‘, ‘Privacy and cybersecurity', and' Security '.

The Brain Juggler

A one-man show by mind-illusionist Jochem Nooyen, full of stories, interaction and humor. Wonderful mind-illusions and interactive experiments with the entire audience provide fun and wonder in the magical show The Brain Juggler.

Experience in this show what it is like not to know something and still be very happy about it!


Performance dates illusion shows

Illusion show Netherlands 2021

Jochem Nooyen performs with his illusion show in Dutch theaters.

Mindillusion show Privacy

Everyone knows that everything we do online can be hacked and traced, but your thoughts are safe right? In the mind illusion show Privacy, Jochem Nooyen investigates what privacy means to a person.

Can be seen in various theaters until the end of 2020.

Mind Illusion Show


The Mind illusion show can be used flexibly at conferences and seminars. The show can be presented in Dutch and in English.

Theatre show

Srpeker over privacy - Jochem Nooyen

Come to one of the illusion shows in the theatre. You will always find the current performance data on this page. See if Jochem will perform in your area and book your tickets at the theatre.


theatershow privacy

In the mind illusion show Privacy, illusionist Jochem Nooyen explores what Privacy means to a person. What is known about you and can the illusionist keep his own secrets?

The Brain Juggler

illusionist Jochem Nooyen

In The Brain Juggler, illusionist Jochem Nooyen shakes your brain. Nothing is what it seems. An illusion show full of stories, interaction and wonder about changes in life.

"Now I will have to change my PIN" - Rob Bertholee CEO AIVD- Dutch intelligence agency

Customer Reviews

What is the difference between a Magician and an Illusionist?


Illusionist is the umbrella term, because both a magician and an illusionist create an illusion, something that is not what it seems. The most famous Dutch illusionist is Hans Klok. Yet Mindfuck's Victor Mids is also an illusionist. What I do is very similar to Mindfuck.


A magician does smaller effects than an illusionist. He is the master of sleight of hand and distraction. Card tricks, coins, and three cups with the ball are often part of his equipment. Well-known magicians are Dynamo (although he also does bigger illusions like walking on the river), Penn & Teller and Fred Kaps.


Brainmagic and mind reading are important parts of the mentalist. It is a misunderstanding that a mentalist is psychic, which is why I hardly use that term myself. A mentalist creates the illusion of a sixth sense, making it seem that he can predict the future and know more about you than is possible. The best and most famous mentalist is Derren Brown.

What is an illusionist?

What is an illusionist anyway? The meaning of an illusionist is an artist who makes the impossible possible. He shows illusions, he makes the impossible seem as real as possible. Well-known illusions are sawing through and restoring a girl, making things and people float. Reading thoughts, predicting the future and conjuring things up. It is all not really possible, but if you look at a good illusionist it seems as if it is all really possible.

Other famous Dutch illusionists

Several professional illusionists are active in the Netherlands. The Dutch illusionists are also well regarded worldwide.

Victor Mids

With his TV program Mindf * ck he became a national celebrity in one fell swoop. As a magician and mind reader he provides insight into how people function. Trained as a doctor, he combines psychology with illusions.

Hans Klok

The well-known Dutch illusionist on the big stage and the fastest internationally. With his waving mane, dance show and lots of fireworks, he makes a spectacle show.

Hans Kazan

The Dutch TV magician from the 90s that inspired many of today's magicians to also start doing magic.


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