The Brain Juggler

A one-man show by mind-illusionist Jochem Nooyen, full of stories, interaction and humor. Wonderful mind-illusions and interactive experiments with the entire audience provide fun and wonder in the magical show The Brain Juggler.

Do you make free choices? Can Jochem read your mind? And did you just feel him touch you, even though he is halfway across the stage from you? We join Jochem as he walks the thin line between science and illusion.

Our brain is busy every second of every day to change uncertainties into certainties. Experience in this show what it is like to not know something and still be very happy!

The Brain Juggler as a theatre program illustrates his intimate, intelligent way of being able to think outside the box .

Jaques D'ancona

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  • 2 - March 2023 - The Paradigm Shift Show - Bon Theater - Medemblic - 20.15

Jochem Nooyen wrote De Breinjongleur during lockdown. The performance is therefore about changes in times of crisis.

The performance has a duration of 70 minutes and is written for an adult audience. However, The Brain Juggler is suitable for ages 9 and up. A magical performance full of stories and wonderful illusion acts. Reading minds, predicting the future and inexplicable touches. Come, see and feel for yourself!

The Brain Juggler

illusionist Jochem Nooyen

Mind Illusion Show


The Mind illusion show can be used flexibly at conferences and seminars. The show can be presented in Dutch and in English.

Theatre show

Srpeker over privacy - Jochem Nooyen

Come to one of the illusion shows in the theatre. You will always find the current performance data on this page. See if Jochem will perform in your area and book your tickets at the theatre.


theatershow privacy

In the mind illusion show Privacy, illusionist Jochem Nooyen explores what Privacy means to a person. What is known about you and can the illusionist keep his own secrets?

The Brain Juggler

illusionist Jochem Nooyen

In The Brain Juggler, illusionist Jochem Nooyen shakes your brain. Nothing is what it seems. An illusion show full of stories, interaction and wonder about changes in life.

Review De Breinjongleur - Dagblad van het Noorden

Witty and overwhelming
  • Wonder
  • Communication
  • Entertainment

witty and overwhelming

Comes with a napkin and a salt shaker ... Reminiscent of the legendary Fred Kaps, world famous decades ago with an unstoppable stream of salt from a clenched fist. Jochem Nooyen does not fit the classic format of magicians, illusionists, magicians and identical operators of miraculous tricks. You probably know a few names: the international CEO Hans Klok, retired Hans Kazan and Manro (from Meppel) in their shadow.

Nooyen hangs his acts on stories and conferences. With a mild smile, he explains more than is necessary to follow him, but sensational crush is not in his style book. He has nothing of a cunning chatterbox, is not an artist for the party tent. Comes close to Victor Mids, who like mentalist sparklingly represents the specific genre on TV and elsewhere.

In Jochem Nooyen he meets a colleague who does not imitate him for a moment. With a graceful, completely unique way of presenting, he colors the game of astonishing effects with a casual naturalness. Technically skilled and varied in the range of his acts. The Brain Juggler as a theatre program illustrates his intimate, intelligent way of being able to think outside the box to think. Let him philosophize extensively on the question 'how true is the truth that you experience with your own eyes.' Know that it is basically for him to show on stage that things turn out completely differently than you thought or suspected.

It is funny and overwhelming how he puts his qualities into perspective during his show. He involves Feike, Rita, Mieke, Marianne and other fast women from the audience in an elegant, actually quite chic way in his performance. Jochem Nooyen does not make fun of them, but it would not be right if he did not emerge from the confrontations as the triumphant winner. Refined and presented with humor. Otherwise there would be no fun with wood-stick puzzles and his payment system with exchange tricks.

Using a screen, sound clips and camera projections, he soldered the base and the lines to the audience, which gives the impression that there is an irrepressible interaction. Nooyen conveys this suggestion on the basis of the idea that such a hall makes sense in five quarters of an hour of surrender. He even manages to convince them that they are part of a changing world. How crazy do you want it? He makes stage guests think he is touching them, while keeping his distance. Imagine. And finally, someone pierces a word in a book, expecting to be blind to what word it is. That's right. Jaques D 'Ancona - Newspaper of the North