Wonder refreshes, it wakes you up and lets you look at things around you with a new look. I like to wonder with my show, in both the theaters as well as at conferences, parties and events. I find mind illusions especially interesting. Illusions that are not about cabinets and boxes, but about man himself.

verwondering opent je geest

... like a child

"Why do the stars shine?"
"Why are there clouds?"
"How can I be sure that you see green the same as I do?"

Children are masters of wonder. They often ask the why question and have never heard of a stupid question. When was the last time you marveled as a child? We have become accustomed to the stars above us, although we can often take a new look at them in remote places. Amazement makes you think, you want to know how it is . In my shows I like to amaze, and I like to make people think.

In the 'Influence' presentation, the illusionist explains how we as humans are influenced by everything around us. Discover the influencer in yourself and your colleagues.

After his successful theatre tour with the illusion show 'Influence', Jochem has put together a special presentation about influencing. How can we be influenced as people? How can you determine in advance which choices will be made? How can our brains be seduced? How can we be nudged or directed? Discover it in a theatrical session. Comical, interactive, educational and above all wonderful.


Everything we do online can be followed and hacked, but your thoughts are safe…. Right ?! In this illusion show Privacy is an illusion.

Santaclaus already knew what your desires and wishes were when you were a kid. Big tech companies know that you are pregnant even before you know it. How should we live without privacy? In his second theatre show, Jochem Nooyen investigates this topic. This presentation consists of the best parts of that theatre show. A wonderful look at cyber security and mind reading. Do our minds need a firewall?


Brainmagic, illusions about and for the human brain. This show can be flexibly adapted to different themes. Nothing is what it seems.

Do you want to communicate to your audience that sometimes you have to look beyond all that you already know? Often we assess a situation way too quickly and don't bother to dig just a little deeper. In this presentation, Jochem allows the participants to experience that in a lot of situations a lot more can be achieved than we initially think. That even the impossible may just be possible.

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