Social profiling is very different from your Social Media Profile

Social profiling is dividing people into boxes so that those persons can be targeted as specifically as possible by advertisers. chances are you are Frans Bauer, or classified in the same box as Frans.

Michal Kosinski

Kosinski is a Polish psychologist specializing in Psychometrics and data mining. He and his team devised a system that divides people into profiles based on their Facebook likes and other digital footprints. "If someone wears brown leather shoes, it does not immediately say that this man is a banker, for example, but it is a sign. This sign combined with hundreds of other signals allows our algorithm to classify people quite specifically. ”He demonstrated that his program can name a user's sexual preference after licking 300 pages of companies, movies and individuals. After about 500 likes, the system can often describe the person better than family and friends can.

Cambridge Analytica

The notorious Cambridge Analytica, the company that nudged Americans to vote Donald Trump and who also had a big finger on Brexit porridge… That company was interested in Kosinski's system. Kosinski did not want to sell his system. It was probably counterfeited afterwards.

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Cambridge University has put a simplified version of the Kosinski system online. There you can see (completely private) what is known about you via your Facebook and Twitter behavior, and more interestingly how the Algorithm 'thinks'.

It turns out that I am a 26 year old male woman. In reality I am a man older than that. So it doesn't work flawlessly. But it is very interesting to see how the system makes its decisions.

I have never liked many brands, films and companies so the system could only base on 9 likes with my data. Below you can see a screenshot of my data.

What is known about you?

Would you like to know what your Facebook or Twitter profile says about you? Then go to There you can test Kosinski's program.

It's simple, you download your Facebook history and upload it to the secure server of Cambridge University. You also do that with your Twitter history, the program does the rest.
How you can download the data from Facebook and Twitter is clearly explained on the website.

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illusionist Jochem Nooyen

Jochem Nooyen

Jochem Nooyen is a speaker and illusionist. His theatrical illusion show 'Privacy' will play in Dutch theaters in 2019 and 2020. jochem speaks about Privacy, influencing and 'looking differently'.

In the illusion show Privacy brain juggler and actor Jochem Nooyen amazes you with miraculous delusions. He reads your mind and seemingly effortlessly finds out what you thought you could hide.

Privacy - Theatrical illusion show