Do you see the bigger picture?

Attention with a grain of salt

In this crazy time, everything has suddenly changed. Many people initially experience change as a problem. There is a lot of attention for everything that goes wrong, for the problem, and everything that gives you attention grows a well-known quote from Aristotle. What I think he mainly means is that everything you focus on gets, as it were, a magnifying glass. It all becomes even clearer.

Join the test in the video, can you see the bigger picture?
How much focus do you have on something in your life, what are the things you might miss because of that focus?

So keep an eye on the coin, then you can understand how this works.

So if you focus entirely on one thing, you miss the whole thing, your gaze narrows as if you have blinkers on ...

Do you also find yourself blind-tailed that you are zoomed in on the problem that is currently occurring? I hope you can zoom out then. So that you see the whole. So zoom out, then you can see what is happening.

What I like so much is that we are standing still now because of the Corona crisis. That we pay less attention to the 'coin' and that we can now see the bigger picture. Wonderful all those initiatives where attention goes to the places where it is really necessary

How does attention work

Concept and implementation: Jochem Nooyen
Camera: Mieke Bastiaansen
Music and audio adaptation: Arjan van Tricht
Earth: GarchinOPIS

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