Olaf Geysendorpher interviewed me before Marketingfacts.nl with the question, what is the similarity between an illusionist and a marketer?

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Olaf came to one of my theater shows and saw a nice link between influencing thoughts and marketing.

As an illusionist I use all kinds of techniques to guide people in their choices and I often speak about these techniques in my presentations.

How can we be steered, nudged and influenced?
In a sketch, I show during my presentations why I step outside at the Shell with two kitkats when I only intended to pay for my fuel.
Participants make exactly the choices that were predicted, and it turns out that we always feel that we make autonomous choices, but that we are guided in our decisions much more often than we think.

I have a keynote presentation about it influence and stand in the theater with a theatrical story about Privacy.


In privacy I investigate how much is known about us, and whether your thoughts are still completely safe. How do you protect your thoughts against burglars? Or against a mind illusionist? And isn't that also the feeling you can experience when you are suddenly presented with advertisements of something you have only thought of?

Marketers deal with these topics on a daily basis. Olaf Geysendorpher thought it was high time to see what we can learn from each other.

Olaf is a SEO specialist and marketer for Proven Context.

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