Spice up that online meeting

Jochem makes an online column about current topics in your meeting or online meeting. A short and powerful illusion act full of wonder and humor. From his mini home theater he makes your Zoom / Skype or Google meeting fun, and ensures that the message sticks.

These are crazy times, everyone works at home and meets online with all kinds of different platforms. From zoom to teams, Google hangouts and Skype. I also work at home. That is difficult without a stage and without an audience. Before the corona virus changed the world into how we know it today, I worked as a speaker and illusionist on theme days and conferences. ”.

spice up that meeting with a themed column full of humor and wonder.

My office transformed into a mini studio slash theater slash man cave. From here I make videos and stories who hopefully make people think and wonder in this crazy time.

Make that online meeting fun!

Do you have an online meeting on a specific topic soon? Then take it Contact with me. After a telephone conversation I make a tailor-made presentation for you. The ingredients are interaction, humor and illusion.

From my home theater studio I give a short show.

  • professional camera
  • Professional sound
  • Theater light

The Petje Foundation rated the performance with a 9.5.

Movares safety day rated the performance with a 9.5

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