How my son taught me to start over

My son got a puzzle for his birthday, when he was finished he was very proud! But there turned out to be something going on…

His sister found an extra piece in the box, which also had to be added. But he had been working all day and it was just finished. He was having a hard time. He was angry and sad. But when he had been staring at the puzzle for a while he said ... hmmmm okay then. And started again.

There he taught me to get up and continue after a fall. I always thought he would learn that from me.

It turned out the other way around.

Because of the corona crisis, I was suddenly at home, no theater shows, no performances, nothing. I was also angry and sad. Drug sex and rock and roll was reflected in the modern Chips, Netflix and NOS news ...
After seeing my son take this step, I decided to get up and get back to work.

Sometimes you just have to start over, that offers opportunities. New moments of choice, new insights.

When everything is broken you have an empty space to fill.



That day he taught me to deal with setbacks, get up and continue again. I always thought he would learn that from me, but it was the other way around. Text and performance: Jochem Nooyen Music: Arjan van Tricht @firsttakemusic

Start over

Concept and implementation: Jochem Nooyen
Music and audio adaptation: Arjan van Tricht