Repair or replace

Everything is about the date. In this video my peanuts are about the date. Yesterday they were still good, Midnight…hop, and they are no longer good.

The effort it takes to make those things. You have to grow them, harvest them, wash them… pack them, transport them too and if they are no longer good then you have to throw them away.

Isn't that probe?

I can't get it on my heart

I just eat them.
Everything is about the date,
Even lamps have an expiration date ...
With a light bulb you do about 1000 hours, which is 1 year if you use it daily.
A lamp from 1901 is still lit today.
It hangs in a fire station in America and has been burning day and night since 1901.

So that has been almost 120 years!
Manufacturers are now making things so that after a while they break and need to be replaced.
We've gotten used to replacing things.

When I asked my grandfather years ago what the secret of their marriage was ...
He said something that has always stayed with me.
He said 'menneke, we come from a time where we are used to repairing things instead of replacing them‘.

Text and performance: Jochem Nooyen Music: Arjan van Tricht firsttakemusic.

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Concept and implementation: Jochem Nooyen
Music and audio adaptation: Arjan van Tricht