Illusionist Jochem Nooyen is a guest at Tijd voor Max

December 5 I was a guest at Time for Max to tell about my illusion show Privacy.

As a child I quickly found it wonderful that Sinterklaas knew exactly what I wanted. That started when you were being watched. I thought it was a terrible idea that Piet could see or hear everything and then passed that on to Sinterklaas.

In my illusion show Privacy I am talking about this feeling. The big tech companies know a lot about our desires and fears. What can be done with this data? In the small theater halls of the Netherlands I give you the feeling what it is like when everything is known about you.

Live TV

At Time for Max I do some illusions with neurologist Erik Scherder. Everything was live and so the responses are real and genuine, no second take or acting work.

Pay close attention, if Martine uses the dice I am very nervous if everything will succeed. Spoiler, everything will be fine. Sometimes my work is very exciting, it can be on or under it. The chance is small that it will not succeed, but that chance is there.

Do you want to experience the illusion show yourself? Until the end of April 2020 I still play in a few theaters across the country.

The playlist you can find here


Illusionist at Time for Max