Security Day

As speaker and illusionist I am often asked on safety days of organizations and companies. I notice that these kinds of safety days often consist of an expert, the management and something fun with content. I can often take care of the latter. The expert speaks, for example, about data security that delivers awareness on or some insights. The management also often gives a speech, and it is usually heard that things are going well and that there is yet better attention should be paid to safety. Sometimes this message is even brought with the pointing finger. The director I last at one safety day saw speak grabbed this completely different On. I have never seen what he accomplished with a team of technicians. What he did seemed quite simple was anyway very effective. He told a story. Well thought out and put in the right tone. He told the story of a young father, the father slept poorly, because a second child had just been born at his home. The baby cried a lot at night and it woke him up. The bad sleep had been going on for months and it eventually cost the young father his concentration. This young father was also an electrician in power pylons. Everyone in the room immediately understood the life-threatening situation outlined. The audience hung on his lips as he continued to speak. He explained how this now unstable electrician and his colleague climbed a high-voltage mast. And also in technical detail how the man almost made a life-threatening short circuit, because he was not paying attention. Fortunately, the colleague saw what almost happened and prevented an accident by addressing his colleague. The young father was shocked, it would have saved a second before he should have left his young family behind. Together they immediately went to the director to discuss the situation. The management and the young father decided together that this man deserved extra parental leave. Then the director indicated to the audience that this situation had really gotten out of hand. He wanted to offer openness to his staff to knock on his door if there is something going on that affects your work. And rather arrive too early than too late! "We don't want accidents so let us take care of ourselves and our colleagues as if we were family." It was tangible that the hall had been hit. Everyone knew which colleague was talking about. It was a true story.

Still, I think it's also possible to touch an audience emotionally if the story is fictional. Of course this depends on the skills of the speaker and how the story is written. I thought it was a beautiful and striking speech that conveyed the message without using the finger. I am sure it has brought this company closer together. The best thing I thought was the one sensitive string managed to hit a room full of hard-looking mechanics, men among themselves. The sense of togetherness is stronger than any merit.

Then I was allowed to do my act where employees in interactive illusion acts also have to work together. This had never gone as well as it did then. Often at the beginning of my presentation I have to do something about the togetherness in the room. That was no longer necessary.

Direct telling or storytelling?

What exactly is the difference? Most directors do not hide their message. They immediately say what you should or should not do. This regularly results in resistance, people prefer to think up how to do it themselves things to do. The director with the story touches one with his story sensitive string and let the employees invent themselves to do it right. The idea then comes from themselves and is therefore many times stronger than they would do it for someone else. They now take care of themselves and colleagues, because they want to do that themselves and not because someone else has to.

Entertainment with content on the safety day

Do you want you too safety day ends with an illusion show that matches the theme? Then take it Contact on. The show has elements about physical safety, about the approach culture and about digital safety. For example, we will fictionally hack a famous person and employees will not feel each other in any way. This one show about safety makes employees smile, inspires them and offers new insights.

Safety show

Book guest speaker Jochem Nooyen for your seminar or event

Jochem has a lot of affinity with the following subjects. He creates a tailor-made show full of stories and illusion acts

Everything we do online can be followed and hacked, but your thoughts are safe…. Right ?! In this illusion show Privacy is an illusion.

Santaclaus already knew what your desires and wishes were when you were a kid. Big tech companies know that you are pregnant even before you know it. How should we live without privacy? In his second theatre show, Jochem Nooyen investigates this topic. This presentation consists of the best parts of that theatre show. A wonderful look at cyber security and mind reading. Do our minds need a firewall?


Change your perspective and the world changes with you.

Take a look through the eyes of this illusionist.
The presentation refreshes, amazes and provides new insights. Change often involves resistance. Jochem lets you experience what happens when you adjust your story. Because how you deal with the changes can be influenced or directed. As a theatre maker, Jochem tells you how different a story is experienced when you change small details. A show full of humor, illusions, interaction and storytelling.

Coping with Change

In the 'Influence' presentation, the illusionist explains how we as humans are influenced by everything around us. Discover the influencer in yourself and your colleagues.

After his successful theatre tour with the illusion show 'Influence', Jochem has put together a special presentation about influencing. How can we be influenced as people? How can you determine in advance which choices will be made? How can our brains be seduced? How can we be nudged or directed? Discover it in a theatrical session. Comical, interactive, educational and above all wonderful.


A one-man show by mind-illusionist Jochem Nooyen, full of stories, interaction and humor. Wondrous mind illusions and interactive experiments with the entire audience provide fun and wonder in the magical show 'The Brain Juggler '.

Do you make free choices? Can Jochem read your mind? And did you just feel him touch you, even though he is halfway across the stage from you? We join Jochem as he walks the thin line between science and illusion.
This show can be flexibly adapted to different themes. Think of themes such as: 'Nothing is what it seems', 'Focus and attention' and 'Perception'.

Flex illusion show