"Now I will have to change my PIN" - Rob Bertholee CEO AIVD- Dutch intelligence agency

Public speaker and illusionist

What makes Jochem unique as a speaker is his disarming stage presence. But also the combination of illusionism, cabaret and content. He connects funny stories from his own life to illusion acts and in this form he tells his substantive story.
At its core, Jochem is engaged in mind illusion shows based around the human brain.

  • How are we seduced and influenced?
  • What happens to us in times of transformation?
  • Is mind reading possible in collaborative projects?

The result of Jochem's contribution is that his presentations make people think about human possibilities. The shows are wonderful and funny, the presentation works refreshing.

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Privacy / Infosecurity

How safe are your thoughts? Everything we do online can be followed and traced, but your thoughts are safe… or are they?! In this show, Privacy is just an illusion.
After this lecture:
  • - Your audience will be amazed
  • - They will have had fun and have been part of the show
  • - They will have gained important insights on how important Privacy is for people
  • - It will have become evident that Privacy is far more than just rules and regulations
  • - We will realize that people themselves are often the weakest link in the chain of information security
  • €€€ indication
  • Live and online capabilities

The paradigm shift show

Change your perspective and the world changes along with you. Participants learn how to get a different perspective on coping with changes. We achieve this through humor and amazement.
After this lecture:
  • - Your audience will be amazed
  • - They will have had fun and have been part of the show
  • - They will be able to look at changes differently
  • - They will have gained insight into the different stages of change and resilience
  • This show is also touring in theatres as "De Breinjongleur"
  • €€ indication
  • Live and online capabilities

Integrity show

The vision of integrity through the eyes of an illusionist provides a fresh look on this topic. It playfully makes your audience aware of how important integrity within your organization really is.
After this lecture:
  • - Your audience will be amazed
  • - They will have had fun and have been part of the show
  • - They will deal with integrity issues more conciously
  • - They will have learned how to discover fake news
  • - They will have learned that data leakage can happen to anyone, and how to deal with it or even how to prevent it
  • €€ indication
  • Live and online capabilities

Illusion show

A one-man show by mind illusionist Jochem Nooyen, full of stories, interaction and fun. This show can be flexibly adapted to any theme of your choosing.
After this lecture:
  • - Your audience will be amazed
  • - They will have had fun and have been part of the show
  • - They leave the venue or online session in awe and inspired
  • Adaptable to any theme
  • Provides fun and connection
  • Makes you think
  • € indication
  • Live and online capabilities

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Speaker Jochem Nooyen has ready-made presentations on 'Influence ', and about 'Privacy". In addition, his Mind Illusion Show is highly flexible. This show goes perfectly with themes such as 'Nothing is what it seems', 'A different perspective' and 'Creative thinking'. His last lecture was conceived during the Covid19 pandemic and is all about change and transformation.


Privacy / security; How safe are your thoughts?

Nothing is what it seems

Change and Transformation

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Wonder refreshes, it wakes you up and lets you look at the things around you with a new perspective and a fresh gaze. Jochem presents on various topics, but he always uses wonder as a tool to captivate and 'open up' the audience. "My experience is that wonder opens people up and that it creates space for new ideas and thoughts.”.

As a guest speaker, he is used to telling his story on a different stage every day, with a different audience and an adapted message. This 'mileage' ensures that you'll experience a relaxed speaker who knows what he is talking about and who can fascinate and move the audience with ease at all times.


With good storytelling one creates tension, a cliffhanger, or you touch the audience on a emotional level. All presentations are full of stories. As a result, the presentation not only appeals to the 'thinking' but also the 'feeling' part of the brain. That makes the message last longer. As human beings we are 'hardwired' to tell stories, but also to actively listen to them, hoping to learn something from them. Jochem was trained as a dramatist and graduated in 2007 at the Academy of Theatre in Tilburg, The Netherlands. 


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