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My name is Jochem Nooyen. Illusionist and inspiring speaker (I was told the latter). I connect funny stories from my own life to special illusions and thus tell an exciting story. With bits that make you think. This combination of illusionism, cabaret and content ensures that participants remain fascinated until the end. Guaranteed

My main focus is on fascinating issues related to the human brain:

  • How are we seduced and influenced?

  • What happens to us during a big change?

  • Is mind reading possible in collaborative projects?

Choose from a number of regular lectures that make participants think about the human potential or choose a presentation that fits the theme of the day. Then together we will ensure a successful edition of your event. Always.

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Shows & presentations

Live or online, but always interactive, funny and refreshing. With astonished participants as the end result.

Privacy / Info Security (€€€)

Everything you do online can be tracked and traced. Fortunately, your thoughts are still safe… right? In this show, privacy is an illusion.
After this show:
  • • You'll get insight into how important privacy is for people
  • • it's clear that privacy is more than laws and regulations
  • • have you experienced that humans are the weakest link in info security

The paradigm shift show (€€)

Change your perspective and the world changes along with you. With humor and wonder, this show teaches you to look at change differently.
After this show:
  • • You'll have insight into the different stages of change and resilience
  • • You've experienced what it's like to change perspectives
  • • You'll have a different perspective on change and transformation

Integrity Show (€€)

We all find integrity important. In a show full of illusions, experience how major integrity violations almost always start small
After this show:
  • • hYou've thought about acting with integrity
  • • you learn that major integrity issues always start small
  • • You are challenged to discuss difficult situations

Illusion show (€)

A one-man show from a mind illusionist. Full of stories, interaction and humor. But above all with amazement. Adaptable to theme of the day!
After this show:
  • • have your mind been read
  • • You've experienced that perhaps more is possible than you initially thought
  • • you leave the room full of amazement and inspiration

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Experience the power of wonder

“Amazement refreshes you, it wakes you up and makes you look at things around you with a new vision”.

As a guest speaker, I tell stories. Always on a different stage and with a different audience. This experience ensures that participants are always captivated. moved. Inspired. Regardless of your message. And as an illusionist I also add a good dose of wonder.

Because wonder is key for an inspiring speaker. It wakes you up. It refreshes you. It makes you look at things around you with a new perspective. This makes people open and creates space for new ideas and thoughts. And that is another condition for a successful show that makes you think.

And of storytelling

We humans are made to tell stories. But also to actively listen to it so that we can learn something from it. That is in our nature. As a trained theatermaker, I respond to this skillfully and get the most out of those stories with a piece of storytelling. Every time.

My stories, for example, are exciting. Immersive. Or they just move. In this way participants are touched on an emotional level. As a result, the presentation not only appeals to the brain, but also to the feeling. This makes the message, the story and ultimately your event stick even better. Exactly what you want.


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