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In the Mindillusion show 'Influence' speaker and illusionist Jochem takes a closer look at how we as human beings are influenced by marketing and advertising techniques. We all deal with these influencing techniques on a daily basis. We are continuously influenced by our governments, but also in the supermarket and on the web. In this presentation about influencing, speaker Jochem Nooyen introduces you to various influencing techniques. In interactive experiments he will also try to influence the audience and guide them in their seemingly free choices.

After his successful theatre tour this presentation about influencing can be booked for congresses and seminars. A presentation that allows participants to experience first-hand what it is like to be influenced, but also how one can influence, nudge and seduce others.
Entertaining, humorous and interactive.

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This presentation can be given in Dutch and in English. The show is a mix between a humorous illusion show and an informative lecture about influence.

  • Minimum stage requirements are 3 × 4 meter
  • maximum number of spectators in theater style is 400
  • Maximum playing time 60 minutes
  • A beamer and sound system must be available. Can also be supplied by us
  • A build-up time of 60 minutes is required, which can also be done in a separate room or backstage.

Customer Reviews

Influence - Jochem Nooyen

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On average, you're exposed to some form of advertisement 355 times a day. 355 attempts by countless multinationals to influence you. What tricks do they use? And what can we learn from them?

Actor and illusionist Jochem Nooyen explains this in 'Influence'. A cabaret-like and magical performance full of mind illusions and special magic acts. An interactive show that makes you think twice from now on.
About why you do know that you want to 'Have it your way', but don't know why you apparently have to have it over and over again.

Jochem: “As a theatre maker I combine acting and illusionism. I am looking for a way to bring spectacle and content together. In 2013 I made my first theatreshow 'Traces of an illusionist'. A performance about the limitlessness of human possibilities. ”
“In 'Influence' I will find out how we are influenced by advertising and why shopping has become a national hobby.

Storytelling and magic

This presentation about influencing is complimented with lots of beautiful stories. Through magical experiments it's revealed how easy we as human beings can be steered and nudged while still believing we are making our own decisions.

How many times did you get back in your car after refueling it with just a little more candy than you intended on getting? How does that work in our brain? What forces are at work that entice us to buy those extra things we very well know we don't need? Find out in this wonderful show! Illusion acts, humorous stories and interactive experiments.


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