Inspirational speaker

After a conference, seminar or online event, you as a participant want to get started full of inspiration and new ideas. if inspirational speaker this is one of my main goals.

Everyone knows the feeling of an upcoming inspiring meeting, concert or performance that you are looking forward to. These moments feed our inquisitive minds. Inspiration comes from the Latin word 'in spirare'. The literal translation is 'inhale' or 'insufflate'. Inspiration stands for the nourishment of the mind. It takes us out of the everyday and allows us to look at the world around us with a fresh look. For me that is exactly the similarity with wonder. Wonder is of course the state of mind that an illusionist works towards. Wonder, like inspiration, makes you look at things again. It opens your eyes and you want to know exactly how it is. In my opinion, the difference is that inspiration gives you something that you can continue with. Wonder remains a bit more on the surface.

Inspiration according to Plato

It is therefore not for nothing that Plato, Socrates' pupil called inspiration something that gives you a deeper insight. I myself experience inspiring moments as blissful moments. Moments when I can wake up and think clearly. Often accompanied by joy for the insight gained. The ancient classical Greek philosophers therefore saw inspiration as something divine.

As a speaker you get a stage at your disposal to inspire a group of people. I try to amaze the audience through my illusion acts in the first place. This is followed by the substantive side of the session. Insights that hopefully will be experienced as inspiring. I hope one inspirational speaker to be and to bring about the feeling of joy so that people want to go back to it fresh and with meaning. I consider it an honor to be allowed to do this, but not something divine.

“Inspiring people is great to be able to do. This always works with illusionism that fits well with the theme of the day. A well-executed illusion creates astonishment, your mouth falls open and you want to know the ins and outs. Everything in you explores and is open to any input. So if you deliver a story with an inspiring idea at that moment, you really touch the audience. ”

inspirerernd spreker

My sources of inspiration as a speaker

As a speaker, I always incorporate some basic ingredients in my presentations. I want to be the first to have a theme that inspires me. Because that is a pleasant basis for communicating something. I have to be able to talk about it enthusiastically, want to know everything about it and the subject has to grab me. 

In terms of form, I would like my presentations to meet:

  • Illusions about people and human actions, showing something that a person cannot actually do. But what should possibly be possible. I think this fact already offers a lot of inspiration. It makes the audience ask themselves what if I could do this, what would I do with it ?!
  • Humor, related to the subject. Humor provides a twist and also provides perspective. It also lets you view the subject from a different angle. 
  • Insightful stories that can yield an Aha moment. Whether it delivers such a moment is quite dependent on the listener, on the audience. Is this the right time for this information? Aha moments are very much related to the right timing. But if this is successful, you will have a very special experience, because the eureka moments are moments when we take a development step as people.

What makes a lecture inspiring?

I personally only find a lecture or presentation by a speaker really inspiring if I, as a spectator, are touched on several levels.

  • intellectual: does the story make me think enough? Does it provide new insights that I did not have before?
  • Story: does the story touch me, is it about me, about us? How do I relate to the story as a viewer?
  • Emotional: does it touch my heart? By applying the insights offered, can I do something I could not do before? If I can imagine that I now have super powers, I get motivated to apply them.
  • Inspirational storyteller? Is the speaker himself inspired? Because the speaker's emotional state is super contagious. As humans, we are all sentient beings to a certain extent. And so we feel flawlessly whether the speaker himself is inspired by his ideas.
  • interactive. Can I participate? Can I immediately experience the ideas that are being shared? Or should I accept the story as truth without experiment? If I immediately feel and experience what it is, I am much more likely to lower my critical barrier.

Inspiration is different for everyone

Just as every person and individual is different, so is everyone inspired by something different. I know someone who gets a lot of inspiration from frikandellen. She can make all kinds of great dishes with it, and I don't mean a catamaran with fries underneath. Generally speaking, people often get inspired by art, theater, a book, or a music performance or a column. I myself am most inspired by a story that gives me insights about life. When I read Covey's Seven Habits for Effective Leadership. I was very inspired. He tells striking stories from his private life and at the same time shares beautiful insights and a kind of mathematical laws on how to live. 

When I first SImon Sinek heard about the circle of influence and that everything starts with the 'why' I was also inspired, and with me many others. In addition, the humor of Theo Maassen and Ronald Goedemondt warms me up. And a mentalist amazes Derren Brown me every time. I try to make a combination of these styles and in this way I hope to inspire my audience and rightly be an inspiring speaker.

Book guest speaker Jochem Nooyen for your seminar or event

Jochem has a lot of affinity with the following subjects. He creates a tailor-made show full of stories and illusion acts

Shows & presentations

Live or online, but always interactive, funny and refreshing. With astonished participants as the end result.

Privacy / Info Security (€€€)

Everything you do online can be tracked and traced. Fortunately, your thoughts are still safe… right? In this show, privacy is an illusion.
After this show:
  • • You'll get insight into how important privacy is for people
  • • it's clear that privacy is more than laws and regulations
  • • have you experienced that humans are the weakest link in info security

The paradigm shift show (€€)

Change your perspective and the world changes along with you. With humor and wonder, this show teaches you to look at change differently.
After this show:
  • • You'll have insight into the different stages of change and resilience
  • • You've experienced what it's like to change perspectives
  • • You'll have a different perspective on change and transformation

Integrity Show (€€)

We all find integrity important. In a show full of illusions, experience how major integrity violations almost always start small
After this show:
  • • hYou've thought about acting with integrity
  • • you learn that major integrity issues always start small
  • • You are challenged to discuss difficult situations

Illusion show (€)

A one-man show from a mind illusionist. Full of stories, interaction and humor. But above all with amazement. Adaptable to theme of the day!
After this show:
  • • have your mind been read
  • • You've experienced that perhaps more is possible than you initially thought
  • - They leave the venue or online session in awe and inspired