Illusion show about integrity

The spell of moral magic

The Integrity Show is a mind illusion show in which we also talk about integrity. An exciting presentation about acting with integrity. About leaking secrets. About manners and how major integrity violations always start small.

As a speaker, actor and illusionist, I take participants into a show full of stories with humor and impressive illusion acts. With interactive experiments I let participants experience that integrity is never black and white, but that it is all about the gray area.

The integrity show is a smooth illusion show that explores the theme of integrity in breadth. Due to the pace and the high fun factor, there is less time to delve deeply into case studies. However, the audience is encouraged to think about this theme and challenged to discuss current dilemmas with each other. That is why it is often very effective to talk to each other after the show. Inquire about the possibilities!

I thought so...

We all know it, there is a violation of integrity and afterwards you often hear; 'I already thought so, I already had a premonition.'
I think the trick is to take action based on your gut feeling, not afterwards, but in the moment.

You will learn how to do this with various illusion acts in the Integrity Show, but you will also experience how easy we as people are to influence.

Public speaker on integrity

The Integrity Show is a permanent presentation. With components that can be adapted to dilemmas that are relevant to your organization. In a preliminary discussion, I am happy to tailor the content to the wishes of the participants (or management) and to the dilemmas that arise in your organization. Together we create a show that connects with the audience and makes a lasting impression.

After the presentation on integrity

After this session:

  • • You've thought about acting with integrity

  • you will learn how to avoid big headlines

  • you are challenged to discuss difficult situations

  • You've laughed and participated

  • you'll be amazed

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Shows & presentations

Live or online, but always interactive, funny and refreshing. With astonished participants as the end result.

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Everything you do online can be tracked and traced. Fortunately, your thoughts are still safe… right? In this show, privacy is an illusion.
After this show:
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  • • it's clear that privacy is more than laws and regulations
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Integrity Show (€€)

We all find integrity important. In a show full of illusions, experience how major integrity violations almost always start small
After this show:
  • • hYou've thought about acting with integrity
  • • you learn that major integrity issues always start small
  • • You are challenged to discuss difficult situations

Illusion show (€)

A one-man show from a mind illusionist. Full of stories, interaction and humor. But above all with amazement. Adaptable to theme of the day!
After this show:
  • • have your mind been read
  • • You've experienced that perhaps more is possible than you initially thought
  • • you leave the room full of amazement and inspiration

Practical information

The Integrity Show is a cross between a mind illusion show and a lecture about integrity. The presentation is given in Dutch and lasts 60 minutes.

Requirements for live show:

    • Stage of at least 3 × 4 meters on location

    • Projector & sound system (can also be supplied by us)

    • Build-up time of 60 minutes (can also be done in a separate room or backstage)

    • Maximum number of spectators in theater style: 2000 (live video is recommended from 250)


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