“wonder opens your mind”

Video for De speaker.nl by Johan Oudshoorn

In the series 'speakers with a mission' I was interviewed by Johan Oudshoorn for the speakers bureau The speaker.nl

In this video series, speakers talk about their mission.

In case you don't want to watch the video, the text is below:

Amazement refreshes the mind, and when you become amazed you become curious and then you sit on the edge of your seat and want to investigate what is going on.

I speak about Privacy, about integrity and about look differently.
The common thread in my shows about those themes is that it's about raising awareness of behavior within those themes.

So for example, how do you view the world around you? Are you clear about what you want to keep private and what you want to share? We do know that everything we do digitally can be hacked and traced, and we think our thoughts are safe. But is that so? That's not the case in my show about privacy, for example I have someone count to ten out loud while they look at me and then I know their PIN. So that's very bizarre if that's possible. I then link that to the world we live in. Suppose this were possible, suppose there are smart cameras that can read your mind. What will the world look like then?

I try to combine the spectacle side of illusion shows with a substantive side, so that it becomes a fun show that amazes. But it also makes the audience think.

If you give people a different view, can offer a different framework, then a different part of your brain will turn on. Then you get a good feeling.

My name is Jochem Nooyen, be amazed, because wonder opens your mind. And when your mind opens you are open to new ideas.

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Jochem has a lot of affinity with the following subjects. He creates a tailor-made show full of stories and illusion acts

The Speaker.nl

Shows & presentations

Live or online, but always interactive, funny and refreshing. With astonished participants as the end result.

Privacy / Info Security (€€€)

Everything you do online can be tracked and traced. Fortunately, your thoughts are still safe… right? In this show, privacy is an illusion.
After this show:
  • • You'll get insight into how important privacy is for people
  • • it's clear that privacy is more than laws and regulations
  • • have you experienced that humans are the weakest link in info security

The paradigm shift show (€€)

Change your perspective and the world changes along with you. With humor and wonder, this show teaches you to look at change differently.
After this show:
  • • You'll have insight into the different stages of change and resilience
  • • You've experienced what it's like to change perspectives
  • • You'll have a different perspective on change and transformation

Integrity Show (€€)

We all find integrity important. In a show full of illusions, experience how major integrity violations almost always start small
After this show:
  • • hYou've thought about acting with integrity
  • • you learn that major integrity issues always start small
  • • You are challenged to discuss difficult situations

Illusion show (€)

A one-man show from a mind illusionist. Full of stories, interaction and humor. But above all with amazement. Adaptable to theme of the day!
After this show:
  • • have your mind been read
  • • You've experienced that perhaps more is possible than you initially thought
  • • you leave the room full of amazement and inspiration