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Feeling completely unobserved, knowing that you can be yourself completely and that no one sees or notices you has become an elusive luxury. We are monitored everywhere, both digitally and physically. When was the last time no one looked over your shoulder? When were you absolutely sure no one was watching?
If you can give this feeling to your employees and your customers, you'll be giving them a very special experience.
Is privacy an illusion? Jochem is a speaker on privacy and humorously updates you on the latest developments in this area.

Theatre show

With his theatre show about Privacy, Jochem Nooyen toured the Dutch theatres from 2018 to 2020. He now includes the highlights of this illusion show in his presentations. Are you looking for a speaker on privacy who knows this topic like the back of his hand and can captivate your audience with his outstanding informative performance combined with top quality entertainment? Then read on ...

Everything we do online can be followed and hacked, but your thoughts are safe…. Right ?!
Mindillusionist Jochem Nooyen investigates what privacy means to a person. That is why he wonders how much privacy we have surrendered and how much we have left? He demonstrates what he can find out about the spectators and makes it tangible with a spectacular act what the invasion of your privacy might entail. You'll likely wonder if our brains need a firewall to protect our minds from burglars. Above all, this lecture 'slash' illusion show about privacy provides a wonderful look into mind reading and cyber security. Invite Jochem as a guest speaker and he turns the sometimes 'dusty' Privacy theme into a spectacular experience that is guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

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Show info

This presentation about privacy can be performed in Dutch and in English. The presentation is a crossover between a mind illusion show and an informative lecture on Privacy.

  • Minimum stage requirements are 3 × 4 meter
  • maximum number of spectators in theater set-up is 2000 (from 250 people and upwards live video is recommended)
  • Maximum playing time 60 minutes
  • A beamer and sound system must be available. Can also be supplied by us.
  • A build-up time of 60 minutes is required, which can also be done in a separate room or backstage.

The privacy show is suitable for groups of 30 to 3000 people for whom Privacy, Security and Cybersecurity are topics of interest. There is roughly a 60/40 mix of entertainment and content.

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"Now I will have to change my PIN" - Rob Bertholee CEO AIVD- Dutch intelligence agency

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Jochem informs and entertains his audience with acts about the latest developments in the field of Privacy and cyber security. How does an algorithm work? And how is it possible that data has become the new gold? Jochem plays his audience with humorous stories and interactive experiments. "I don't necessarily want people to act or live how I think they should, I want people to become aware of the possible dangers and get them to talk about it." People are often the weakest link in the security chain. Something that will undoubtedly become very clear during this presentation.

Jochem creates an experience that stays with you. Magic and illusions linked to the Privacy theme. It's quite astonishing when he looks into your eyes while you count to ten and then suddenly he knows what numbers are in your PIN......


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