Speaker on Privacy & information security

Knowing that no one can see you and that you can be completely you. That doesn't happen very often anymore. We are being watched everywhere. Both physical and digital. With The Privacy & infosecurity Show, speaker and illusionist Jochem Nooyen humorously informs you about the latest developments in the field of privacy and information security.

This is what you can expect

Everything we do online can be followed, but luckily our thoughts are still safe… Right? In The Privacy Show I find out what privacy means to a person, how much privacy we have already given up and what is left of it. As a mind illusionist I show you what I can know about spectators and with a spectacular act I let people experience what an invasion of your privacy can actually mean.

The show takes a special look at cybersecurity that makes you wonder if our brains also need a firewall that protects us from intruders. What if our brains are hacked?!

Invite Jochem as a guest speaker and he turns the sometimes 'dusty' Privacy story into a spectacular experience that impresses and makes you think.

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Now as a presentation and lecture

After two years of touring Dutch theaters with De Privacy Show, I now include the best parts of the show in lectures about privacy and infosecurity. This results in a presentation with magic and illusions that are guaranteed to stay with you. Because it's pretty strange if I let you count to ten out loud and then know what numbers are in your PIN code...

Also with cybersecurity acts & stories

With humorous stories, interactive experiments and exciting acts in the field of cybersecurity and privacy, I make it clear (sometimes a little painfully) that humans are actually the weakest link in the security chain. Entertaining and informative in one. You get something out of that.

It's fun, amazing and makes you think. A fun and playful way to draw attention to privacy and cybersecurity.

"Now I will have to change my PIN"  

Rob Bertholee former Director General AIVD

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Independently rated by clients with a 9.4

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Practical show info

With a 60/40 mix of entertainment and content, The Privacy Show makes participants think about privacy, cybersecurity and the safety of your own thoughts. You can book the show in two variants:


  • interactive lecture
  • 55-60 minutes
  • suitable for every room
  • sound set and beamer required
  • in Dutch or English


  • small theater performance
  • 60-70 minutes
  • theater hall (small) required
  • in Dutch or English


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