The Paradigm Shift Show

As a speaker about change, I provide a humorous illusion show that makes participants look at transformations differently.

  • Book this humorous illusion show so that participants can enjoy learning about change
  • The interactive elements allow participants to experience what it is like to switch perspectives
  • Because of the mind illusions, the show will be talked about for a long time and therefore also about the theory of change
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The paradigm shift show

Everyone looks at the world around them through different glasses. One sees a beautiful place. Another just a dark arena. The same goes for changes and transformations. Fortunately, you can choose which glasses you put on and how you deal with those changes.

In a show full of illusions, storytelling and interactions, speaker and illusionist Jochem Nooyen lets participants experience what it is like to choose a different perspective. How you influence what you see and how you can choose how you deal with change. Because from a different point of view you can often easily find the solution.

A presentation full of stories & illusions

In The Paradigm Shift Show I tell inspiring, theatrical stories while doing interactive illusion acts that let you immediately experience what I'm talking about. That is not only a pleasant combination that keeps the attention, but also turns out to be very effective. Win win.

Dealing with change and crisis

Change your perspective and the world changes with you. 

If you choose to change or innovate, you put your shoulders to the wheel and go for it. For the full 100%. But when that change is imposed, you experience resistance. You have to change from someone else. Not your own. And so you play the victim role – or you throw your ass against the crib.

But how you deal with changes can be influenced. You have control over which position you choose. And that makes it all a lot easier. With humor and interactive experiments you experience for yourself how you can change perspective.

after the show

After the presentation on changes and transformations:

  • do you know everything about the theory behind transformation
  • can you consciously choose a different perspective
  • you learn to deal with change more easily
  • are you surprised

Would you also like to book a speaker about change?

Let participants learn about changes and immediately experience what it is like to switch perspectives. Book the Paradigm Shift Show for your organization now!

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Shows & presentations

Live or online, but always interactive, funny and refreshing. With astonished participants as the end result.

Privacy / Info Security (€€€)

Everything you do online can be tracked and traced. Fortunately, your thoughts are still safe… right? In this show, privacy is an illusion.
After this show:
  • • do you have insight into how important privacy is for people
  • • it is clear that privacy is more than laws and regulations
  • • have you experienced that humans are the weakest link in info security

The paradigm shift show (€€)

Change your perspective and the world changes with you. With humor and wonder, this show teaches you to look at change differently.
After the show :
  • • do you have insight into the different stages of change and resilience
  • • experience what it's like to change perspective
  • • do you look at change and transformation differently

Integrity Show (€€)

We all value integrity. But this show is full of illusions that make it painfully clear how humanity affects that integrity.
After the show :
  • • have you thought about acting with integrity
  • • learn how to discover fake news
  • • does the leakage of information appear to be human (and learn how to prevent it)

Illusion show (€)

A one-man show from a mind illusionist. Full of stories, interaction and humor. But above all with amazement. Adaptable to theme of the day!
After the show :
  • • have your mind been read
  • • have you experienced that perhaps more is possible than you initially thought
  • • leave the room or online session full of surprise and inspiration

Practical information

The ParadigmaShift Show has a maximum playing time of 60 minutes and can be given in both Dutch and English. The presentation is somewhere between an inspiring lecture about changes and a mind-illusion show, so that participants remain fascinated. During the whole ride.

Technical requirements:

  • Stage of at least 3 × 4 meters on location
  • Projector & sound system (can also be supplied by us)
  • Build-up time of 60 minutes (can also be done in a separate room or backstage)
  • maximum number of spectators in theater set-up is 2000 (from 250 people and upwards live video is recommended)


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