What does a speaker cost

If you would like to book or hire a speaker for the upcoming (live) event, then you are naturally curious about the prices. The prices for a speaker range from € 0 to 20,000 euros or higher. However, the most common rates for professional speakers are between € 1500 and € 4000. My rates are also in that category.

Rates of a speaker

Good speakers ask for appropriate amounts. This has several reasons. Speaking to a large group of people is not for everyone. If you are good at this and know how to inspire or motivate the audience with your message and your presentation, then that is something that is fairly scarce. We already know from the economy that scarcity drives up the price. A good speaker is therefore a unique and rare product. You invest in the experience that the speaker offers the audience. If they still think back to the performance months later and have taken something out of it that helped them, then it seems to me that it was successful. If, in addition to conveying his message, a speaker can also entertain his audience and bring a special experience, then that speaker also takes the place of an artist. Good artists don't come cheap, for the same reason. A good artist knows how to entertain his audience and gives an experience that can be remembered for a long time. You get another step higher in the price if the speaker has also written books and regularly appears in television programs. That pushes the price up further. The more famous the speaker, the more expensive. But often the famous speakers are famous for a reason and therefore worth their price. For example, the costs for a professional speaker vary.

Different categories of speakers

To give a clear list, there are different categories of speakers:

  • Novice speakers who would like to gain experience.
    Be assured that the quality of the presentation may vary and that the speaker has not yet reached his ten thousand hours on stage. Malcolm Gladwell says that every expert must first have 10,000 hours of experience before he is an expert. For this category of speakers, the rate varies between the book voucher and € 750.
  • Speakers who, in addition to speaking, work as a lecturer, professor or professor.
    These are often very skilled speakers who do not necessarily have to be very expensive. They work for the University and are already paid quite well. Sometimes they can be booked at the University as a guest speaker. Others see the University as a part-time job and public speaking as their main income. So it depends on the setting of the speaker himself. You do know for sure that there is a lot of experience in presenting and conveying the story in this category. The prices of these speakers are between € 1250, - and € 3000, - The price is higher for well-known names.
  • Professional speakers who are not very well known yet
    These speakers have a lot of experience, but have not yet made a major breakthrough. They know how to play their audience flawlessly and ensure that they are often booked back with a very good presentation. Some have written a book, but this is not yet a bestseller. The rates of these speakers are between € 1500 and € 3000
  • Professional and well-known speakers
    who have more than earned their spurs and who can be seen on TV regularly but not yet every week Jinek queue up. With this category of speakers you can be sure that you are getting quality at home. Rates for these top speakers are between € 2500 and € 4500, -
  • Famous speakers
    The really famous speakers attract a lot of public because of their fame and are therefore worth more. The real famous speakers are TV presenters, famous athletes or experts who do every day Jinek and De Wereld Draait By queuing. These rates vary widely, but often start from € 4000, -
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Expert status as a speaker

Malcolm Gladwell says someone is an expert if they spend ten thousand hours on something. So if you play the violin for ten thousand hours you are an expert violinist according to Gladwell. Of course, it takes a while for a speaker to be on stage for ten thousand hours, especially when you consider that a presentation lasts no more than an hour and a half, and that is already a bit long. Finding a real stage expert is therefore not easy. But if you have found someone who also connects well in terms of content, and who has spent more than ten thousand hours on stage, then he is often really worth his fee. Because it is precisely that stage experience that makes him or her relaxed on stage. This is essential because a tense speaker is less able to convey his message. At least the message is less well received. When a speaker is in a certain state of mind, the audience often takes over that state. Just think of a narrator that is too slow and uninspired. As a spectator, this also makes you slow and lethargic. While an enthusiastic, yet bright and pointed storyteller takes you. The same goes for a nervous speaker, that makes you nervous. But you get certainty back from a speaker with a lot of experience, who knows what he is doing. You are at ease as a spectator, just like the speaker.

What is the value of a speaker?

You do not pay a speaker per hour, but for the value he or she creates at the event. As the organizer of the event or congress, you naturally want your visitors to have an unforgettable experience that is useful to them and that they regularly remember. A good and professional speaker can deliver this value. You do not pay him or her for those few hours of travel time that telephone preliminary meeting, the hour of margin that he is present before the start of the presentation or the time he spends presenting itself. No, you pay for the experience he or she has, for the expertise. And especially for the impression he or she leaves. So you usually buy a well-supplied way of transferring knowledge. If you have found someone who is a good fit for the upcoming conference or seminar, who can convey his or her message well and who can give your audience something that will help them, then you are in the right place. If you now convert the fee that the speaker asks to what it costs per spectator, you may be able to estimate better whether the speaker and the experience he or she brings is worth the money. A speaker of € 4000, - at an event of 500 people therefore costs € 8, - per person. Just to paint a picture. As many as two specialty beers with a drink.

wat kost een spreker, het prijskaartje van een spreker

My career and investments as a speaker

To give an example, I would like to take you along in my career as a speaker. Then you know the history and what, for me, was involved. I started out as a magician at weddings and parties and had no training at the time. Because I would rather not perform at children's parties when I was 60, it seemed a good idea to expand my knowledge. I auditioned for the theater makers training in Eindhoven and was hired (immediately). This is the school where Theo Maassen and Hans Teeuwen also graduated. But Yvon Jaspers (farmer looking for a wife) has also completed this training. Because I followed the training part-time, I did not receive a student grant and I paid for this training from the performances that I did next to it. Because I specifically wanted to improve my illusion act, I then followed a masterclass with Jeff Mc Bride in Las Vegas. I imagine you immediately think Jeff who? But this sir Mc Bride is known in the magic world as the best coach for your act. So that wasn't that cheap, but it gave me a wealth of lessons. When I graduated I first learned to make theater by directing amateur theater. After this, and with these experiences in my pocket, I dared to make my own theater performances. I made three, each performance requiring about a year and a half to prepare. I worked with a director on a weekly basis to finish those performances.

I also took voice and singing lessons to be able to use my voice correctly. Every theater performance I have made has a specific subject; 'Human possibilities', 'influence', and 'Privacy'. Currently (summer 2020) I am immersing myself in change and transformation. Covering all these topics in a theater performance also means reading piles of books every time to find out everything about such a topic. Privacy was a particularly difficult topic because this theme developed very quickly. All these mini studies require a lot of time and investment. Reading a lot of books, attending lectures, interviewing experts, et cetera. But all very nice to do. Then I went to play the performances on a theater tour through the Netherlands. This also takes a lot of time and energy, but it is wonderful to be able to do it. I then made a lecture for each subject with the best parts from the theater performances. Because of everything that went before, I could now deliver quality with certainty in every presentation. I notice that that is ultimately what makes the public and clients happy.

In addition to all these investments in time, as an illusionist you also regularly have to dig deep into your pockets for a good act. You buy these most acts, because designing an illusion act is someone else's expertise. Nice to know perhaps, amounts for illusion acts vary from € 30 to € 4500

Would you like to book a speaker?

Are you convinced? And would you like to book a speaker? Then everything will be easier from now on. Booking a speaker is easy. Do you want to book me or another speaker you can find directly on the internet? Then you just send them an email or you call them. You view availability and discuss the options and price. But if you don't know exactly what you want, let a good speaker agency inform you. A good speaker agency can advise you on speakers with whom they have good experiences and more importantly who fit well with your event.

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